War Shore understands that not all consumers like eating raw or cooked oysters and clams in or out of the shell. Many people prefer eating a breaded, fried product as a complement to their meal or as the meal itself. Therefore, we designed our own product line that meet the wants and needs of our customers in all market segments.

War Shore works with growers and processors to formulate and develop its own line of American-made frozen packaged products. Our flagship packaged, breaded products are Premium Breaded Oysters and Premium Cut Clam Strips. These savory treats are available to all customers in both smaller retail as well as bulk packaging. War Shore sources the raw material for these products and works with an exclusive breading and bagging partner on Virginia’s Eastern Shore to bring our customers a high-quality and consistent product at a great value.

We encourage you to request a sample and give our great tasting breaded products a try.

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