Driven by our Customers’ Success

We strive to source and distribute the most exceptional and freshest shellfish in the industry.


Premier Seafood Distribution

Our just-in-time inventory system is fast, fresh, and guaranteed.


Freshest shellfish in the industry

We supply unique and classic shellfish from trusted, vetted farmers and suppliers.


Locally Raised from Trusted Farms

All of our oysters are carefully sourced and ethically grown.


Specialty and Packaged Seafood Items

Learn more about the specialty seafood options available.



Est. 2010

How we’re different:
  • We hire employees who care and are passionate about our customers’ success
  • We source unique and classic shellfish only from trusted, vetted farmers and suppliers
  • We provide a consultative and customized approach to developing a shellfish program based on quality, taste, and customer profitability
  • We are flexible with order processing and available to our customers day and night
  • We optimize our just-in-time inventory system from our strategic location in Jessup, MD


We work with farmers throughout North America to bring our customers a balanced portfolio of shelled and shucked oysters with very different looks and tastes.

Our Oysters


We work exclusively with partners in MA and VA who fully control an integrated vertical network and multiple state-of-the-art operations facilities.

Our Scallops


We work with partners to provide domestic and overseas fresh, frozen, and pasteurized crab meat as well as local fresh and frozen Chesapeake soft shell crabs.

Our Crab


We work with partners in Maine and Canada to bring our customers sustainably fished whole lobster, tails, and cooked or raw meat.

Our Lobster


We work with farmers and harvesters from all over to bring our customers clean, silt-free, and fresh clams to include an array of species.

Our Clams


We partner with growers and harvesters in North America to provide our customer fresh, clean, and full mussels.

Our Mussels


We continue to add complementary products to our portfolio as a way to help our customers stand out among the competition.

Specialty Products


We work with growers and processors to formulate and develop our own line of American-made packaged products.

Packaged Foods


We provide personalized, full service oyster shucking and serving bars for all your special event and raw bar needs.

Shore Pearl Oyster Bar


What started out as a hobby oyster farm on the Chesapeake Bay has led to a rapidly growing shellfish sourcing and distribution company driven by our customers’ success.

Our ultimate mission is to source and distribute the most exceptional and freshest shellfish products in the industry so that our customers can more effectively differentiate themselves from the competition.


November 30, 2018

Recipe: Harvest Oyster Stew

Made with milk instead of cream, this soup is rich and satisfying without sacrificing flavor. "Why, then the world's mine oyster, which I with sword will open." William Shakespeare Ingredients 24 freshly shucked oysters , chopped, liquid reserved 1 (8 ounce) bottle clam juice 1 tablespoon hot water 1/4 teaspoon…
July 23, 2018

Employee Spotlight – Mike Truman

Mike Truman joined War Shore as a driver in mid-2017 and quickly demonstrated the skills that led to him becoming the company’s Operations Team Leader in Jessup, MD. Mike’s "get-it-done" attitude and professionalism has been the reason our customers continuously recognize him and his team’s attitude around customer service.
blogCase Study
May 17, 2018

Case Study: 1000 Pounds of Crawfish for the Weekend

Case Study 1000 Pounds of Crawfish for the Weekend Challenge:    One of the busiest seafood restaurant groups in Washington, DC was looking for 1000 pounds of live, Louisiana crawfish for a large, event for the upcoming weekend. The busy Chef did not like the product he received from another…