War Shore works with its partners to provide fresh, frozen, and pasteurized crab meat as well as local Chesapeake soft-shell crabs. We focus on identifying and distributing the best domestic and international cooked Atlantic Blue Crab meat ready for use in your favorite crab dishes. Its firm flakey texture and higher natural fat content provides a unique and unequaled flavor option for our customers. War Shore sells the full spectrum of meat grades to include Jumbo Lump, Super Lump, Lump, Backfin, Claw, Cocktail Claw, and Super Claw.

Soft-shell crabs are also sourced and distributed by our company. The watermen of the Chesapeake Bay introduced the soft-shell crab to the seafood industry in the 1870s and since then, it has since been a gourmet delight around the world. War Shore’s exclusive partner located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore has perfected their harvesting and processing of these crabs to ensure a perfectly textured, fine-tasting product. The following sizes, both fresh and frozen, are available to our customers: Wales, Jumbos, Primes, and Hotels.

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