Brad Blymier

Founder & Co-Owner

Brad’s interest in shellfish is a direct result of growing up in the Mid-Atlantic region. Raised just a few miles from the Mason-Dixon line in Hanover, PA, Brad was heavily influenced by the Maryland seafood culture and developed an early appreciation for the mighty Chesapeake Bay. When approached with the idea from his childhood friend of starting a small oyster farm, the answer was an easy one. Since inception, War Shore has always been committed to ethically growing and now sourcing the freshest, highest quality shellfish in the United States. Brad takes pride in working with some of the most talented chefs in the area and forging strong relationships with the farmers that provide us a highly specialized and unique portfolio of products. He is convinced these are contributing factors to War Shore’s growth into a multi-million dollar company.

Prior to co-founding War Shore Oyster Co in 2010, Brad spent his entire career as a sales professional. Primarily working in software sales, Brad has consistently been a top performer for several industry leading companies with a focus and specialty in new territory expansion and new product growth both domestically and internationally. He has managed territories in several major economic hubs including Los Angeles, Washington DC, and San Francisco, CA.

Brad has more than twenty years of proven sales and new business development experience. He holds a BA in English from Liberty University. Brad enjoys swimming, running, and splitting his time between the Baltimore-Washington area and Portland Maine, where he lives with his wife, Hannah, and their two young boys, Jett and Jack.