Oysters are what built our company and where we continue to focus most of our sourcing efforts. From our humble beginnings growing our own oysters on Virginia’s Pungoteague Creek to becoming the very best at sourcing the finest oysters in North America, War Shore is committed to finding and distributing millions of the highest-quality, freshest oysters to our customers.

War Shore’s two flagship and trademarked oyster products are the Battle Creek and War Shore oysters.

  • The Battle Creek Oyster is a seaside Eastern Oyster from War Shore Oyster Company sourced from the ocean-washed waters off Chincoteague Island, Virginia. These oysters offer up the classic smooth body of the C. virginica in a well-formed cup. Only a narrow strip of land curves between the Atlantic Ocean and the cove that is home to the Battle Creek Oyster, as evidenced by its remarkably salty (28-32 ppt) and robust finish.
  • The War Shore Oyster is our interpretation of a classic Eastern Oyster grown in the Chesapeake Bay waters. Reflecting the full body, smoothness, and soft texture of the C. virginica, War Shore Oysters are a savory mouthful of pleasure. Special growing conditions give this oyster a mid-range salinity, leaving a salty-sweet (15-18 ppt), finish.

We currently work with over 30 oyster farmers around North America who believe in and practice sustainable aquaculture and harvest. War Shore strives to be a one-stop shop for our customers in search of a high quality, fresh, and profitable oyster program that represents a variety of oysters from around North America to include:

  • Atlantic Oysters – Crassostrea Virginica
  • Pacific Oysters – Crassostrea Gigas
  • Kumamoto Oysters – Crassostrea Sikamea
  • European Flat Oysters – Ostrea Edulis
  • Olympia Oysters – Ostrea Lurida /Ostrea Conchaphila

Let War Shore design an oyster portfolio for you and train your staff on the benefits and differences of each product so they can help you provide a unique and pleasurable experience for your patrons.



The Hinge


The Heart


The Adductor Muscle


The Left Valve


The Mantle


The Gills


The Gonad Area

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