War Shore Trading Co. offers personalized, full service oyster shucking and serving bars for all your special event needs. From casual get-togethers and corporate events to elegant weddings and dinner parties, War Shore’s Shore Pearl Oyster Bar is the perfect complement to any menu at your event venue.

Freshly harvested from our partner farms just hours before your event, War Shore oysters are masterfully shucked by our professional and friendly staff. With their full body, smoothness, and soft texture, War Shore oysters are a unique and delicious addition to any special event.


Fresh War Shore Oysters

Combination of oysters specified to meet your need

Expert Shucker

  • Formal Attire (Chef’s coat and apron)
  • Club Dress (War Shore Oxford)
  •  Informal Attire (War Shore Classic Tee)

Oyster Bar

  • Full, attractive display
  • Ice and lemon slices
  • Set-up & break-down

Homemade Sauces

  • Mignonette (Classic, Cucumber, Pomegranate (seasonal))
  • Cocktail (With fresh horseradish)
  • Hot (Tabasco and Cholula)
  • Citrus (Zesty lemon)

Contact us to help you determine pricing and your oyster count needs according to your menu, venue, and guests.

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