War Shore works exclusively with its Atlantic Sea Scallop partners in Massachusetts, Maine, and Virginia who fully control an integrated vertical supply network and state-of-the-art, MSC Chain of Custody-certified operations facilities. Our partners fish year-round along the Atlantic coast from the Mid-Atlantic to the US/Canada border. These scallops are found mainly on sand and gravel sediments where bottom temperatures remain below 68ᵒF and are either frozen or refrigerated at sea for freshness and quality control. War Shore’s typical size offerings include U10, U10/20, U15, and U20/30. We also offer Atlantic Sea Scallops in the shell.

War Shore partners with an exclusive supplier in the San Juan Islands of Washington to bring our customers Pink and Spiny Scallops. These scallops are sold live in the shell and shipped from the water. Pink and Spiny Scallops, often referred to as Singing Scallops because of the way they swim through the water, have beautiful, colorful shells up to three inches wide. Like clams or mussels, they are cooked in the shell or eaten raw like half-shell oysters. In either case, the whole animal is eaten, not just the abductor muscle like most scallops. Often, brilliantly colored orange roe surrounds the meat adding complexity to the flavor.

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