Oysters at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market has been a long-time customer and outlet for our fresh half-shell and shucked oysters and scallop products. War Shore strongly believes in Whole Foods’ mission and dedication to quality and traceability of its seafood products. We have recently expanded our relationship with the grocer which is now stocking and selling our frozen, breaded oyster product.

To formulate these products, War Shore sourced one of the best Pacific Oyster products available from Goose Point Oyster Farm on Washington’s Willapa Bay. Our partner shucks the product and ships the oysters to us via same-day refrigerated air freight. The oysters are then transferred to our production partner in Virginia who assisted us in formulating a very specific breading recipe that met all Whole Foods quality compliance standards. Once the product is breaded, bagged, and frozen, it is then trucked by frozen carrier to the primary distribution points for Whole Foods and into individual stores. This entire process can take place within a week guaranteeing a very fresh and tasty product for consumers.

Stop in to your local Whole Foods Market store and grab a bag of our Premium Breaded Oysters.

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