Maine grows great oysters!  Frigid cold waters, rocky coastlines, and an abundance of rich marine life create the ideal environment for an oyster…all quintessential traits of Maine! But, given that most of the oyster farming in Maine is done by small family-run companies sited on family land or leased tidal growing areas from the state,  plus limited harvest windows and a long grow‐out periods necessary to raise oysters to market size, the availability of most Maine oysters has been limited to the state.  War Shore Oyster Company, who has sold over 25 million oysters since its inception, in partnership with several family owned/operated farms have come together to change this with the Maine Oyster Initiative.

The Maine Oyster Initiative’s mission is simple: showcase a select group of standout farms in the state who are using innovative, sustainable growing practices to produce the highest quality oyster, and then take that oyster to the best Shellfish distributers in the country so they can place it into the finest oyster bars/restaurants within the geographical regions they service.

Simply put, we are not taking the “Maine” out of the oyster, we are taking the “oyster” out of Maine!

We started War Shore Oyster Company in 2010 with the passion to grow, and later source the best oysters from the most talented small-scale growers in the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. Our goal was to bring the best oysters to the industry so that War Shore could more effectively differentiate ourselves from the competition. The Maine Oyster Initiative is an extension of this passion. Moving to Maine now allows us to source these oysters from our new facility on the Maine Pier in downtown Portland while working hand in hand with each and every grower.

Brad BlymierOwner + Co-Founder War Shore Oyster Co. + Maine Oyster Initiative

Brad moves oysters! He approached me several years ago with a structured plan and promise to sell my oysters, and that is exactly what has happened. Since that initial promise we have built a solid relationship rooted in trust and execution which has resulted in War Shore moving several thousands of my oysters off my farm every year. When approached by Brad to be part of his newest venture (Maine Oyster Initiative), it was a no brainer, as it should be for any Maine grower looking to expand their footprint outside of Maine with their oyster.

Eric PetersOwner/Grower Norumbega Oyster Farm

"War Shore Oyster Company has been instrumental in our success since 2016. Brad and his team are extremely knowledgeable and supportive and continue to be hands on in every day selection of the freshest, quality oysters, and seafood. There’s no one I’d rather work with."

Scott HerbstOwner, Sailor Oyster Bar Annapolis, MD