War Shore works with its partners in Maine and Canada to bring our customers sustainably fished whole lobster, tails, and cooked or raw picked meat. Our exclusive partners execute on a business model focusing on quality, sustainability, and traceability of all lobster products.

Picked Lobster Meat (Cooked & Raw):

We offer the sweetest, all-natural lobster meat on the market today. We provide our customers with a wide variety of fresh and frozen products including claw and knuckle meat (CK), tail claw knuckle (TCK), claw knuckle leg (CKL), and tail meat. All of these items are available year-round in any quantity, fresh or frozen.

Live Lobster:

War Shore also provides our customers with the highest quality Maine and Canadian live lobsters. All of our lobsters are harvested by independent lobstermen and women in the Gulf of Maine and Canadian Maritimes. Our partner, a “two-tank, one-touch” system, ensures that each lobster is only handled once so that they arrive as fresh as can be.

Frozen Lobster & Tails:

We also provide our customers with raw frozen lobster tails ranging in size from 3-4 oz. to 20+ oz. Customers can choose from a wide variety of packaging options, including a 10 lb. wholesale pack and as well as special retail packs. War Shore offers our customers raw or blanched frozen whole lobster ranging in size from 1 lb. to 6+ lbs. We offer a wide variety of packaging options, including a 10 lb. wholesale box and retail packaging.

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