Case Study

Getting Ready for the Holidays


A national grocer was looking for new and exciting seafood products to offer their loyal customers during the highly-competitive holiday season.


War Shore met with the company’s seafood team lead for the region and presented three new, high-quality product options that fit perfectly into the client’s holiday portfolio, including:

  1. A premium, farm-raised shelled West Coast oyster that met their compliance testing
  2. A shucked and higher-value West Coast oyster in consumer-grade, retail packaging
  3. A frozen breaded oyster in retail size packaging that met their rigorous quality standards


The grocer was able to offer their customers three high-quality shellfish products not available anywhere else in the region, which in turn gave them a competitive edge over all other grocers. Many of their patrons were introduced to Pacific Oysters for the very first time and realized the benefits and value of consuming them and adding them to their favorite oyster recipes. 

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