Case Study

A Space and Labor Challenge


A very popular restaurant in Washington, D.C. had, for years, spent precious labor and storage space by steaming and breaking down whole lobster into cooked meat to produce their signature lobster roll. As a growing restaurant, our customer was looking to conserve storage space and reassign labor to more important food preparation activities. 


After carefully listening to our customer, War Shore recognized an opportunity to help them improve efficiency and profitability by offering the chef two-pound packaged lobster meat from Maine. We provided him an option of fresh/frozen and raw/cooked claw knuckle (CK) or tail claw & knuckle (TCK) meat. Ultimately, the chef purchased a fresh, cooked CK product.


The chef found that incorporating War Shore’s consistently high-quality, fresh packaged lobster meat enabled him to redeploy labor resources to other more important and profitable activities for the restaurant. He was also able to save refrigerated storage space and produce less waste with the new product. Ultimately, the process modification benefited his operation and business without any sacrifice to his signature dish.