Case Study

1000 lbs of Crawfish for the Weekend


One of the busiest seafood restaurant groups in Washington, DC was looking for 1000 pounds of live, Louisiana crawfish for a large, event for the upcoming weekend. The busy Chef did not like the product he received from another supplier the previous year, so he called on us to source a better product.


War Shore accepted the challenge and quickly began making calls and researching suppliers who could fish for a jumbo size crawfish and transport them directly to a local airport for a direct flight to BWI airport. We arranged for our driver and refrigerated truck to be waiting to receive them and deliver them directly into the city to be ready for the event.


Our customer received a terrific, lively product with dead loss less than 1%. The event went off without a hitch and his event patrons thought the crawfish were a major hit. We expect they will be back for more next year!

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